Days 4, 5, 6 and 7!

I’ve been a bad giver, I know…but this is a lot harder than I expected! It’s not that I don’t have enough things to give away…it’s more that I’m not used to being so mindful of something. I tend to live my life a little willy-nilly and take things as they come. That hasn’t been the biggest help in this particular endeavor.

So, here’s the giveaway breakdown:

Day 4 (Friday): My Von Zipper sunglasses to Maggie
Day 5 (Saturday): A free Ruthie Pearl bag to one of my top customers at the market!
Day 6 (Sunday): I failed. I didn’t give anything away on Sunday.
Day 7 (Monday): Does the $20 I gave to the tow-truck driver as a tip count?

See? I told you I’d been bad.

Speaking of the tow-truck driver…I must tell you this story. The nicest man came and picked Scott and me up after our rock climbing session this afternoon. He was explaining to us on the way to the shop that he used to work 80-90 hours a week at a gas station for $15,000/year. He saying that now he has a slightly better deal because he is scheduled 60 hours a week (sometimes working 80-90) for a tow-truck company. He now makes $20,000/year. That is $6.50/hour. How is it possible to live off of that??! For what it’s worth, it made me thankful for the job I have–even if it drives me absolutely nuts some most of the time.

I will try to resume the giving project tomorrow.

PS: Jill, are you out there? I need your contact info to send you the Arc’teryx jacket! If not, I’ll put it back on the market. 🙂

PPS: I refreshed the Ruthie Pearl blog over the weekend, and I’m planning to shift all my focus to that moving forward. So, if you’re sick of my political/religious rants and would rather just enjoy some nice photos, tutorials and creative adventures, check it out! I find that I’m much happier if I have one positive thing to focus on…all my blogs in the past have mostly been fly-by-night attempts to get my voice heard (AKA: negative energy). Ruthie Pearl is a much healthier endeavor. 🙂


Day 3: Arc’teryx Delta SV Jacket

Today’s giveaway item is a real steal: the Arc’teryx Delta SV zip fleece jacket.

You can read more about it here.

It’s hardly been worn at all, as it’s a tad bit too tight for me. The jacket is a size small, and if you know Arc’teryx sizing, you know it has a pretty “athletic” cut (read: tiny). So this small is more of an extra-small, or, if you’re a small and like your things to fit snugly, this will work for you. It fits me, but I like a little more room to breathe. For reference, I am 5’6″ and 120 pounds with a small-average bust size…about a size 4.

To give my blog readers who don’t Twitter a fair chance, the first one to comment on this post and say “I’ll take it!” gets the goods.

Day 2: Knifty Knitter

I used to love going to trade shows and participating in events because of all the “swag” I’d receive (logo tees, product samples, stickers, etc.). For example, the Skiing Industry Association usually yields bags full of crap from Burton, Smith, ProBar, etc… You are super psyched to get all the free stuff until you get back to your hotel room with an achy back (from carrying it all around) and a heavy suitcase for the return trip. And inevitably, the excitement fades. You get home with your big shit bag and it sits…and sits…and sits in a closet or corner somewhere, with maybe one or two of the items actually being used.

Today’s giveaway came from just such an experience. I was recently an exhibitor at the Craft Lake City arts and crafts fair, and I received a goody bag with my booth. It was “full of awesome stuff” that I will never use, including a cute printed t-shirt from one of the local independent radio stations (it’s a size small in one of those American Apparel type brands, and we all know those fit NO ONE over the age of 3) and today’s giveaway.


These have been sitting in my closet for a few weeks, and I convinced myself I was going to make fabulous scarves and hats for myself and friends this winter.


It’s a really nice set of Knifty Knitter rings complete with all the hooks to use them and a carrying bag. I brought these to work and was going to offer them on Twitter, but my coworker snatched them up! She has two little girls, ages 8 and 6, and they will get a lot of family craft time out of these! Enjoy!

The Giving Experiment: Day 1

If you read my posts somewhat regularly, you know that I previously had an addiction to things. Road bikes to the tune of $1,600, shoes for $500, new computers on credit cards with 17.9% interest…yeah, I liked it all. And, I bought it all. In fact, I racked up $32,298 in credit-card debt and am still paying for things that I can’t even remember buying.

So for the month of September (my 29th birthday month, no less), I’m going to give away one personal item each day. That’s right; no strings attached. I’m going to offer it on Twitter/my blog/Facebook, and the first person who asks for it will receive it. (I might ask for shipping on some items, but that is all.)

The items will range in price/size/amount of prior love received, but all will be given in good spirit.

SO, for today’s item, I offered a pair of ladies’, size 39.5, Jimmy Choo slingbacks. These were purchased in 2005 for much more than I could afford, and they’ve been duly loved. However, it’s time to say goodbye.

Dear Jimmy,

I purchased you in 2005 after finding out a contract I’d been trying to sell at my work had finally been approved. Even though I saw no immediate financial gain in that success, I, in my irrational thinking, believed that I deserved a pair of $495 shoes while making a mere $40K salary. I obsessed over you for…24….HOURS, and then put down the plastic. I still remember the lady who helped me pick you out. She told me how fabulous I looked and how wonderfully long and skinny my legs were. She explained how I deserved you and would always make more money (since I was becoming so successful in my career). I don’t blame her for convincing me to buy you; rather, I blame myself for allowing my compulsion to win. You were carefully selected out of a field of many Manolo Blahniks and Choos, and oh…you were so perfect. But alas, our time has come. I must move on. I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s better for you.

And…her name is @tuckerandswiss.

Congrats, girl! You were the first to say “I’ll take it!”

Poem: Anyway

I came across this poem today and thought I would share it. I am usually not that into this sort of thing, but this one really says a lot. Enjoy!


People are unreasonable, and self-centered

Love them anyway.

If you do well, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do well anyway.
If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies.

Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.
People who really need help may attack you if you help them.
Help anyway.
Give the world the best you got and you will get kicked in the teeth.

Give the best you got anyway .

Letter to the Editor

You can see my letter to the editor of the Andalusia Star News here. Enjoy!

iPhone Fail

I dropped my iPhone in a puddle…well, it’s a little more complicated than that…but it’s the short story. The good part is, I got to make the LOL below. The bad part is, I won’t have a new one for a  day or two…and I may have to change my number. Again, it’s complicated. If you’re someone who calls me, send me an email instead for now.